Shift Coffee – one of Cape Town’s best kept secrets

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Nestled beneath the Cape Royale Hotel in Green Point, amongst the likes of Osumo and Simply Asia and tucked conveniently away from the main road, is arguably the one of best coffee joints in Cape Town. Shift Espresso Bar has recently celebrated its first birthday since opening, and one can only assume that it’s seclusion from Somerset Road (allowing for a beautiful, serene coffee and dining experience in an awesome courtyard or café) is the sole reason that it isn’t more well-known and spoken of.

The coffee you get at Shift is unparalleled in body and taste, in addition to bettering the prices of most coffee bars and chains in the area. That said; it is WELL worth spending a few extra bucks for one of their signature coffees that have a little bit of extra love in the form of condensed milk, Nutella, or both – and on occasion crushed Oreos to boot. They are the elixirs of the Gods. These coffee-based, life-changing liquids also have awesome names such as the Rebellion, Hashtag, Bearded Junkie and the Italian Plumber!  If you’re into the more classic stuff, fear not, for they have a wide array of the old faithful classics in addition to a decent variety of teas.

ShiftEspressoBarIf out of this world coffee isn’t enough for you; you need to have yourself checked out because there must be something seriously wrong with you. Be that as it may, Shift also offers spectacular breakfasts, salads and lunches, as well as cakes and pastries that’ll bowl you over. With free Wi-Fi and plug points scattered throughout the courtyard and café, it also boasts a great location to get a few emails or hours of work done whilst indulging one’s senses of taste and smell.

The café could probably be best described as slightly post-modern industrial with just the right dash of hipster – not too much, not too little. On a sunny day, sitting in the courtyard surrounded by just the right amount of stone, plant life and locals, is no doubt the place to be, whilst the café itself and the warm glow that abounds provide the perfect atmosphere for days when the outdoors are not to be braced.

Whether you’re a Green Point local or work in the area, you have absolutely no excuse not to try this one out, be it for a dining experience or simply coffee on the go. They’re open from 07h00 to 18h00 on weekdays and Saturdays, and from 08h00 to 15h00 on Sundays and public holidays. Owner, Luigi, and his friendly team are always more than welcoming and will make dam certain that you leave satisfied and with spirits lifted, if you ever leave at all!

Be sure to check out Shift’s Facebook page for updates (and the occasional promotion) and to have a glance at the full menu. Or if you prefer, look them up on Zomato, TripAdvisor or follow them on Twitter.

This is without a doubt one of the best kept secrets in Cape Town, and once you taste their wares you’ll know why.

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